Board of Governors 2021-2022

C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco


Carolyn Bray, President
Alex Peer, Vice President
Claire Allphin, Secretary
Margo Leahy, Treasurer; Chair, Finance Committee
Paul Watsky, Immediate Past President

Committee Chairs

Susan Bostrom-Wong, Admissions
Shira Barnett, ARAS
Nickie Amerius-Sargeant, Reviewing
Jeff Swanger, Certifying
Maria Ellen Chiaia, Child Analysis
Chris Cunningham, Curriculum
Valerie Hone, Professional Standards
Ellen Becker, Clinic
Michael Bala, Extended Education
Susan Ruskin, Nominating
Susan Bostrom-Wong, Scholarship
John Beebe, Publications & Development
Sally Kaufmann, Library & Endowment
Jeffrey Moulton Benevedes, Jung Journal
Pat Katsky, Personnel

Elected Analyst Members

Susan Bostrom-Wong
QiRe Ching
Christine Hejinian
Jean Kirsch
Felicia Matto-Shepard
Michael Reding
Susan Ruskin
Suzy Spradlin

Members At Large

Joe Cambray
Betty Sue Flowers
Steven Frus
Maga Jackson-Triche
Shirley Kaiser
Meili Pinto

Candidate Members

Anett Atman
Carolina Rosales-Wyman