If you would like to include images, be sure to indicate within the text where the image should be placed, numbering the images with your last name.# of image in order.

With your submission, you may submit low resolution images in jpg or pdf form. Also include a figure caption. The permission line can be added by you if your article is accepted and you receive editorial approval and permission from the copyright holder to use it.

Please be aware that the printed version has most images printed in grayscale (black and white), not color. The online version can include most images in color. The final decision to use an image is an editorial one, and the editor will consult with you about this when your article is edited.

If images are included in your article, it will be your responsibility to obtain permission to use the images (see Permissions page) and to pay for any fees. You must also provide high quality (400 dpi or pixels per inch, or 150 pixels per centimeter). You should check with the Editor to find out what size images to send. You can make arrangements to send the images to the Editor on a disk or upload them on the journal url.

Indicating image placement in your text. Here is a prototype:
[Place smith1.tif as close to the paragraph above as possible.]
Apollo Meets Dionysus, Greek Amphora, 450 BCE (Louvre Paris, by permission. Photograph: ArtResource, New York)