Manuscript Sections

Pertains to all articles, including reviews and interviews.

Title. We prefer titles of less than five words, but you may add a subtitle. Please also suggest a running title if your title is long.

If you are submitting a review, below the title of the review give the complete reference information for the book, film, or work of art. If you are reviewing a film based upon a book, include the complete reference for the book, as well.

Author’s Name. No degrees or affiliations here. These can be included in the Author’s Statement, below.

Text. Continue to double-space in 12-point Times New Roman font, regular, and left-justify throughout, except for poetry and long quotations (see below).

Indicate major headings by [1] and subheadings by [2].

Use a single, not double, space at the end of a sentence and after any punctuation, such as a comma, colon, or semi-colon. You can set your Preferences in Microsoft Word to do this.

Indicating paragraphs: Do not use indents or tabs. Use a double return (not a tab or indent) to indicate a new paragraph.

With a long quote (more than 40 words), use the “format paragraph” menu command and indent 0.5 inches.

Do not include headers or footers.

Acknowledgements are optional.

Author Identifying Statement. This statement may include institutional affiliations, degrees, professions, special interests, publications, etc. Please limit your statement to 100 words. It should end with Correspondence: followed by your postal mailing address for professional communications. (This address will be published.)

Abstract. 100 words or less is preferred. (to be included with all articles, reviews, and interviews)

Key Words. These are used by indexing services, so please include both names and topics, putting them in alphabetical order.