Peer Review Guidelines

Thank you for your willingness to do a peer review for Jung Journal: Culture and Psyche. It is our goal to include well-written articles with interesting and appropriate content. Submissions range from papers that are exquisitely written and arrive ready to publish to papers that are poorly written with weak content. Our editors are hard working and devoted to helping a writer develop a paper to its fullest potential, so we often accept articles that need significant work.

Among the criteria we look for in a paper:


  • Themes related to Jung’s theory and ideas
  • Psychologically relevant topics
  • New ideas or provocative topics
  • Patterns of culture
  • Historically relevant themes
  • Amplification of symbolic material in art, literature, music, etc.
  • Core ideas of interest—at times we receive a very poorly written paper, but it has several core ideas that are worth developing


  • Clear, accessible language
  • Proper documentation of references
  • A logical laying out of thesis
  • Reliance on exposition rather than opinion
  • A voice that is aware of our readership (intelligent, culturally sophisticated, Jungian friendly and knowledgeable)

We thank you in advance for your willingness to review a paper. Your assessment of its merit is of crucial importance. Jung Journal: Culture and Psyche is promoted as a “peer reviewed journal.” There is latitude in the feedback you give us. While a simple statement is acceptable, it is of great help to the editor of the paper if you are able to return a more detailed response indicating the work you feel is warranted in order for the paper to be published. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the editorial staff.

Jeffrey Moulton Benevedes, PhD
Jung Journal: Culture and Psyche