Permissions, including any fees, are the author’s responsibility.
All sources should be acknowledged, even if permission is not required. If in doubt, seek permission. The proper permission line should be included in your caption or at the end of a quote. (See the Quotations and Images pages for additional formatting information.) LeeAnn Pickrell will send you a Third Party Permission Form upon request. Complete or modify it as needed. You can mail it or simply attach it to an e-mail and send to the party from whom you request permission. Please provide LeeAnn Pickrell, Journal Managing Editor, with a copy and maintain one for your own records.

Your article cannot go to page proofs until all permissions are complete. We recommend that you request permissions as soon as your article is (provisionally) accepted. Additional information on seeking permissions and the kind of permission required is available at:

Image Permissions. Permission must be obtained for all images that are copyrighted or the property of a collection or library. It is the responsibility of the author to pay any permission fees. You may also be required to pay a fee for the use of a slide or quality photograph you obtain from a museum, library, or other source.

If your article is accepted after all necessary revisions and completions, the Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group Author’s Agreement will be sent to you. Final acceptance of your article requires receipt the signed Agreement and all necessary 3rd party permissions.

Scanned pdfs of the permissions forms may be e-mailed to the Managing Editor as attached documents. She can also provide you with information about how to mail or fax them to her.

Be sure to keep copies for your own records.