Loving Our Brokenness (7/24-7/29/16)

Dear Community,

I am excited to let you know about a new Marion Woodman Foundation program this coming July.

I’ve developed the workshop with colleagues Judy Zappacosta, a gifted Sandplay Therapist and past President of the Sandplay Therapists of America, and Caryn Aman, the Marion Woodman Foundation program director, who has years of experience leading programs using music, movement, and the authentic voice as avenues to the psyche.

Many women today suffer from the tyranny of perfection and battle with lacerating self-criticism and shame. Perfection always sets the bar beyond human reach, which inevitably leads to paralysis and disembodiment. In a safe and contained space, we will work with participants to discover their own standpoint. With this grounding, they can explore and hopefully befriend their human brokenness, imperfections, and “cracks”. As Leonard Cohen writes, the cracks are the places where “the light gets in.” These then hold the possibility that one’s deepest wounds can be a place where the Self lies hidden. Our aim is to offer participants an experience where they glimpse their inner riches, empowering them to break the driven perfectionism of the “gods.”

Our program offers mornings of discussion and lecture, to provide the psychological, intellectual container. Afternoons focus on experiential exercises, which encourage often playful embodiment through music, movement, and freeing the voice. Evenings include Sandplay or art projects, derived from the participants’ own process.

If you think our program may interest someone you work with or know, I would be very grateful if you would pass this flyer onto them.

Thanks, Gail Grynbaum