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Jungian psychotherapy includes befriending the drive to become conscious, respecting the tension of archetypal opposites, valuing differences, appreciating universal and unique features of symbols, and fostering ethical instincts.

The C.G. Jung Institute keeps the Northern California community engaged with Jungian contributions in all of these areas through education and clinical services.

Donations to the Institute are tax-deductible.


To serve its mission sustainably, the Institute is relocating to a building that is accessible to all people, including those facing mobility challenges, and that has adequate space for the sliding-scale psychotherapy clinic and the public education programs. Located at 2610 Mission Street, near 22nd Street, this building is only one block from the City-owned Mission Bartlett Garage and only two blocks from the 24th Street BART Station.

Renovations at 2610 Mission Street began in May 2020. We expect that the building will be ready for occupancy in fall 2021. For more information, please contact Administrative Director Steve Hargis-Bullen (shargis-bullen@sfjung.org415-771-8055, ext. *206).

Architectural Design by Trachtenberg Architects
Facade Design by artist, Amy Trachtenberg
General Contractor: Oliver & Company




With its new home nearly finished, the Institute is refocused on its mission:

  • providing fertile public educational programming
  • offering high-quality training to new therapists in its internship program
  • expanding the clinical perspective of licensed clinicians
  • increasing depth-oriented psychotherapeutic services to the community at affordable rates through the James Goodrich Whitney Center for Psychotherapy
  • making its library and Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism (ARAS) available to more people
  • training experienced clinicians of diverse backgrounds to become Jungian analysts

To underwrite the costs of this work that are not covered by program fees, the Institute must annually raise $120,000 in donations. Please join in giving!


The Jung Institute’s marriage of people, ideas, vision, and resources is unmatched! We hope you can see the Institute’s value and will decide to invest in its future. 


In the video below, Community members reflect on the Institute’s future.

A VIDEO MESSAGE, 2017 (5-minute video)

JUNGIAN ENERGY IN ACTION, 2018 (6.5-minute video)