Presidential Elections and Cultural Complexes

Over the years I have become a bit less interested in the policies and personalities of the presidential candidates, although these factors are extremely important. My focus has shifted to a deeper level of the process, to consideration of how the current hot button issues reflect processes in the collective psyche beneath the surface of the immediate issues. Where is the psyche of the culture? What are its complexes? How are they shaping the national elections? What can we glean of processes in the unconscious of the national psyche that, like tectonic plates, are shifting as the economic, social, and religious forces of the country are changing?

headshot_TomS Thomas Singer, MD has spent the last several years researching the cultural complex theory in different parts of the world, including Australia, North America, Latin America, Europe and a new project in Asia. He has co-edited The Cultural Complex, Placing Psyche (Australia), Listening to Latin America, and most recently, Europe’s Many Souls. He is the President of the national board for ARAS, The Archives for Research in Archetypal Symbolism which explores symbolic imagery from all cultures since the beginning of human history.