Catastrophic Change: Cracked Social Containers and the Precarious Body Politic

The established order has been wracked by tectonic forces – globalization, convulsive capitalism, climate change, unprecedented migrations, technological accelerations. In the wake of such radical transformations, social containment has paid a price. Individual bodies are made precarious in the anxious pursuit of stability during a time of cataclysmic change, and the political body itself is dangerously marked by this precarity. To what do we belong? To whom do we owe allegiance?

headshot_FranciscoG Francisco J González, MD, is a Personal and Supervising Analyst and Faculty at the Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California. He serves on the editorial boards of Psychoanalytic Dialogues and Studies in Gender and Sexuality. His most recent publication is on the trope of immigration in psychoanalysis.