The Racial Shadow of American Politics

The Republicans rarely mention race—they leave that to the Democrats. Hidden behind all of the rhetoric of debate and polling battles is the ever-present misunderstandings that fuels issues of race in America. Our discussion explores racial issues and topics from an African American perspective. Electing an African American president has not decreased the racial fires. In fact, they have burned even brighter during the eight years of the Obama presidency. Racial progress—what does this really mean, and to whom? Is there somewhere further to go or are we living the best we can in contemporary American society in terms of race, politics and social justice? What kind of courage does it take to honestly explore the depths of our American political Soul, and do we as a collective possess this kind of courage?

headshot_FannyB Fanny Brewster, PhD, MFA, is a Jungian analyst and writer practicing in New York City. She is a multi-genre writer who has written about issues at the intersection of Jungian psychology and American culture. African Americans and Jungian Psychology: Leaving the Shadows is her latest writing, forthcoming from Routledge Publishing, 2016.