October 16 - 18, 2020


BIOS: CLICK HERE IMPORTANT NOTICE CONCERNING SPEAKERS’ AND FACILITATORS’ BIOGRAPHIES Please take time to read the biographies provided in this pack of papers. The Day Chairs will NOT be reading out bios. This is how it has been at all previous Analysis and Activism conferences. The aim is to save time, bearing in mind that each speaker is allocated only 17.5 minutes to speak. Thank you for taking the care to read the biographies ahead of the moment a speaker starts to present.

REFLECTION GROUP INFORMATION:  CEUs will be offered if you do join and you are registered in Learning Express. The conference organizers created reflection groups so conference participants can have opportunities to relate and reflect together on emergent thoughts and feelings; how they have been impacted by the presentations, discussions, and through meeting virtually. Each group will be led by a facilitator experienced working with groups so a contained and safe space is created for the sharing of personal, collective, and archetypal experiences. At the end of the conference, a synthesis of reflections shared in groups will be presented back to participants, presenters, and organizers to foster community.

SOCIAL DREAMING MATRIX INFORMATION: Social Dreaming Matrix 2020 description with detailed instructions for program with Barbara Holifield and Margaret Skinner, both from the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco

7:45 AM – 8:45 AM Saturday and Sunday



The Social Dreaming Matrix was derived during the rise of Hitler, bringing attention to bear on the way dreams express something of the enormous effect of social political forces on the individual and the collective. In the midst of the intense immediacy of these forces and the pressures they exert on the psyche, the Social Dreaming Matrix allows us to gain access from the creative unconscious to that which is otherwise difficult to bring to language, to feel or to even think clearly about regarding the social context in which we live.

Because of COVID-19, we are not able to meet in-person and experience the warm human profundity, typically unacknowledged, which we are now ever-more aware of because of its absence, that emerges from that. Our intrinsic capacity to connect unbound by space and time is reflected in the world wide web as well as in our dreaming. In this unprecedented moment in modern history, as we make uses of the web as the portal for our time together, we will bring focused attention to our conscious intention to connect.

In this vivified intersubjective field, we will share our dreams. From a contemplative shared silence, dreamers will speak their dream. There will be no interpretation. Dreamers will if they wish, title their dream and these titles will be strung together forming a group poem. We will discover how this may give voice to what is unfolding in our individual and communal diversity, the group-as-a whole, the conference content and process, and our global experience as well. This will allow us to more fully recognize the effect the outer political reality is enacting on us individually and collectively as well as potentially offering us insight, healing and greater perspective.

Additional Instructions: If you are not able to attend at the time of the meeting you can record your dream include a title (in English please, using cell phone Voice Memo function), and send the Voice Memo by email to We will play recorded dreams, randomly chosen, as time allows. Priority will be given to those present during the real time meeting however we will play at least 2 recorded dreams each session. We will let those in the Dream Matrix know whose dream it is. All dream titles on the Collective Poem will remain anonymous.

While we will only have time for a max of 12 to 20 dreams each session, we want to trust that those dreams spoken will represent our collective voice for that day.

To further create a relational container for our connection and shared intent of our dreaming matrix, we invite everyone, wherever you are, over the 3 days of the conference to join in 5 minutes of silent breathing meditation at 10PM PDT. This will not occur on Zoom. But knowing that we are all breathing together in meditation at the same time, we believe, can serve to strengthen our matrix of connection and intent.

You can read more about the social dreaming matrix by CLICKING HERE

OPTIONAL MOVEMENT WORKSHOPS INFORMATION: “A body whose wisdom has never been honored does not easily trust. An animal with a crazy trainer learns crazy habits, runs wild.” ~ Marion Woodman

Today, the body of humanity is challenged with health issues affecting vital organs such as the lungs, heart, liver, guts, and brain. The body of earth is ailing with pollution – poisoning flora and fauna, air and water. Populations are threatened with extinction. Personal and global voices cry: “I can’t breathe!”

Jung clarifies: “The idea of the self could not exist for one single moment if there were not a body to create and maintain that distinctness.” Our body holds polarities, dilemmas, deep feelings, wounds, memories, longing, and a creative potential for new life. Through the body we engage psyche-soma by participating in Jung’s urging to hold the tension between the opposites for the transcendent function to emerge, providing more than the sum of its parts.

Our daily 30-minute movement sessions will offer a safe and sacred temenos for our community to come together to embody the emerging spirit of the depths. By carefully attending to even micro-movements, a connection between the individual soma and the collective body is made, affecting both simultaneously.

Our body is key to experiencing a spirituality that holds dark and light, good and evil, in conscious awareness. As we breathe into our organs, we breathe life into the imaginal to sustain healing, regeneration, and greater awakening to the present moment. We feel, reflect, and come to a sense of political responsibility connected to a strong moral compass. For every breath lost, a new breath awakens.

These interludes will support listening and learning from one another while tending to self-care. Integrating breathing, sensing, and grounding, we will practice returning to our center, connecting to ourselves, and receiving one another with respect and kindness.

Please join us in the discovery of body-psyche wisdom as we explore peace in chaos, ground in uncertainty, connectivity in isolation, and learn how to ‘dance with the times.’ No movement experience is necessary, only curiosity and a bit of courage to open to the unknown.

We look forward to seeing you there, as we ‘move’ daily topics in nourishing, revitalizing ways toward an embodied integration of the conference.

Tina Stromsted & Heba Zaphiriou- Zarifi


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