Jungian Psychotherapy and Analysis with Muslim Patients

Saturday May 6, 2017; 1 - 5PM
The C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco

Artist: Valerian Guillot Title: Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Ispahan, Iran Date: 2014 Creative Commons License Faculty: D. Steven Nouriani, PhD, MFT

4 CEUs possible approved for MD, PhD, LCSW, MFT & RN

The recent rise in Islamic terrorism has led to negative projections and cultural complexes, which together have contributed to grave misunderstandings of Islam and a lack of knowledge of the psychological struggles of individuals with Muslim cultural backgrounds. With the anticipated significant rise in the Muslim population in the U.S., depth psychotherapists can no longer afford to overlook this group. The nature of the self, consciousness and imagination have been investigated in-depth by Islamic philosophers for centuries. There are significant similarities between the major ideas in analytical psychology and Islam, with a great potential for cross-fertilization between the two traditions. However, very little is known in this area and the applicability of Jungian psychotherapy and analysis to Muslim patients remains mostly unexplored. This program will be an exploration of the similarities between major ideas in analytical psychology and Islam, and the applicability of Jungian psychotherapy and analysis in clinical work with patients from Muslim cultural backgrounds.

headshot_nourianiD. Steven Nouriani, PhD, MFT, is a multicultural Jungian Analyst and has presented on a range of topics in depth psychology at conferences in the US and abroad for two decades. He teaches in the analytic training program at the Jung Institute of San Francisco and various universities. Dr. Nouriani is in private practice in San Francisco and San Jose, working with children, adults, couples and groups.

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