From the beginning of the 20th century, C. G. Jung’s ideas have opened valuable pathways for the actualization of the human spirit and its individuation. He knew he was not alone in doing this—that he had many ancestors as well as living colleagues with very different views who were nevertheless exploring the soul’s experience of psychological awakening. He also understood the need to teach and explain his ideas in more than one language.

Analysands and students who had come to him from America came back to the Bay Area to form the first training society of Jungian analysts that became The C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco. This Institute has had several homes in which new analysts have been trained. Today, our training programs, public education, and Whitney Center for Psychotherapy make the integration of Jungian concepts a living, healing reality for a large and diverse community.

The San Francisco community enjoys a heritage of vision as manifested partly in its foresight for creating beautiful, well-designed parks and nature spaces. From the seaside Golden Gate National Recreation Area to Golden Gate Park, and all the neighborhood and bayside parks, the city has attended to the needs of its citizens for open, welcoming spaces. Our institute complements this affinity for cultivating a nurturing, civilized environment by offering a container for education and interior work, tending the inner life of the individual and community.

It is a privilege to become the Institute’s president in this invigorating new phase of our history as we settle into our more accessible building on Mission Street.

Alex Peer, PhD
President, 2022-2024