This has been a time of unusual challenges and significant accomplishments. Our community has demonstrated how we adapt through conscious presence, a sense of purpose and ethical compass. The pandemic has unified us with world neighbors, a connection that was also reflected in our international Analysis and Activism conference.

Through video conferencing, the Institute’s Jungian Oriented Psychotherapy course expanded its outreach to licensed psychotherapists interested in a Jungian approach to doing psychotherapy. This was so successful that a second course was added to accommodate all who enrolled.

We have withstood several external stressors in addition to the alienating pandemic—the urgent need to address the racial inequity around and within us, national political tensions, the unsettledness of being in limbo between physical homes, and the associated financial uncertainty. Still, we have maintained our connection and stability, continuing to act as a learning community.

We have succeeded in creating a new home that will be safer and accommodate more people and services. Consistent with our ideas of being good neighbors and with our moral ethics, we have arranged to restore, at our expense, a 20-year-old sidewalk mosaic by the artist Joe Mangrum that must be temporarily removed in order to add the upgraded water and electrical connections that the City requires for our building at 2610 Mission St.

In challenging times, we desire to listen carefully, follow our hearts, and take the illuminated steps ahead of us.

Carolyn H. Bray, PhD
President, 2020-2022