The Infant, Child and Adolescent Training Program (ICAT)

iCAT is a comprehensive two-year program designed to prepare analysts for specialization in analytical work with children and adolescents. Our academic year runs from September to June. Trainees will receive continuing education credit for their participation in monthly seminars. At the completion of the program, trainees will also receive a certification in Jungian Child Analysis from the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco.

Applying to iCAT We welcome applicants who have graduated from analytic and psychoanalytic institutes all over the world. You can request more information or an iCAT application by contacting Helene Dorian at or by calling (415) 771-8055, ext. *210. Applications are reviewed annually in the spring. A detailed listing of program fees and requirements is available upon request.

Our Certified Child Analysts & Training Instructors:

  • Maria Ellen Chiaia, PhD
  • Claire Costello, PhD, RN
  • Lauren Cunningham, MSW
  • Brian Feldman, PhD
  • Virginia Humphrey, PhD
  • Sam Kimbles, PhD
  • Margo Leahy, MD
  • Audrey Punnett, PhD
  • Liza Ravitz, PhD
  • Patricia Speier, MD
  • Suzy Spradlin, PhD
  • Robert Tyminski, DMH
  • Susan Williams, MA, MFT
  • Steven Zemmelman, PhD