Jung Journal: Culture & Psyche

Summer, 2023

Jung Journal: Culture and Psyche is a quarterly, international, peer-reviewed interdisciplinary periodical published by the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco. As a forum devoted to depth psychology, it fosters creative dialogue, exploration and evolution of topics of relevance to analytical psychology, the arts and humanities, and contemporary culture. Through articles, reviews, interviews, poetry, and various art forms, the Journal’s mission is to plumb the mysterious depths of the psyche both within the individual and in the larger world, as well as highlight Jung and the post-Jungians who have advanced analytical psychology and have been deeply committed to exploration of the arts, the creative process, and the prospective aspects of psychological process. While the Journal, founded in 1979 as the San Francisco Jung Institute Library Journal, originally focused exclusively on reviews of psychological literature, it has evolved over time to expand its purview to include not only pieces relevant to the arts, but also articles that are theoretical, clinical, and of a cutting-edge nature.

Sometimes scholarly, sometimes provocative, always creative, Jung Journal: Culture & Psyche hopes to stimulate deeper thought and reflection on psychological, philosophical, artistic, and spiritual themes.

Examples of recent articles span a broad spectrum of Jungian and post-Jungian thought: “Eagles and Jaguars: Archetypes and Myths in Gang Entrenched Latinx Men” by Abner Flores; “Relating to the Loser Complexity” by Michael E. Reding; “Amazing Grace” by Linda Carter; “Eat my Flesh, Drink my Blood: Archetypal Elements in the QAnon Conspiracy” by Jim Kline; “Decoding Toni’s Stone: C.G. Jung’s Memorial for Toni Wolff” by Kevin B. Turner and Chia-Wei Yang; “Encounters in the Silent Land of COVID-19 Quarantine: Art and Literature” by Caterina Vezzoli and Livia Di Stefano; and “Psychotherapy in the Shadow of Shame: The Polish Experience of Institutionalized Homo-, Bi-, and Transphobia” by Daniel Bak.

Special issues have featured major themes such as the visual arts; the clinical experience; reflections on AIDS and otherness; and a rescuing and retaining of persona in Alane Sauder MacGuire’s final work. Upcoming themes include the spiritual psyche and the immigration experience.

Interim Editor: Katherine Olivetti, MA, MSSW
Managing Editor: LeeAnn Pickrell
Reviews Editor: Helen Marlo, PhD

Jung Journal: Culture & Psyche, the quarterly of the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco, is published by Routledge/Taylor and Francis. To subscribe, please click the link below.

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