To Our Readers

Have you ever experienced a situation where you were suddenly in a position you least expected? This happened to me as this was not a position I had expected to be in in 2024!

So by way of introduction to your new Editor, let me begin with the following story.

The search was on for a new Editor and being on the Jung Journal: Culture & Psyche, my name was being proposed as a possible candidate for this position. Mainly I think because I had published a book, edited two books, had done research, and published in peer-reviewed journals. I was intrigued, but after some consideration, I conveyed I was not interested. At the time, I was enjoying my smaller private clinical practice. However, I began receiving calls from other members of the San Francisco Jungian community to reconsider. I agreed to meet with the Ad Hoc Search Committee for a “conversation.” The meeting went well, and there were several follow-up calls that indicated they believed I was the right person for this position. I told the chair of the search committee that I would think about it and get back to them.

My reflection during this time took me back to when I graduated from the C. G. Jung Institute, Zürich, in 2001. After living there for over five years, I was returning to the States. Prior to the move to Zürich, I did not want to return to Fresno where I had been living. A position in Oakland, which I had secured before leaving Switzerland, lost its funding, so I was free to explore where I should settle. I searched up and down the West Coast for a place to call home. In the meantime, people in Fresno and former patients learned I was back in the country and began calling me. I told them I might not be staying in the area; however, as time progressed—over two years—and nothing was opening up for me, I started to realize I now had a practice and that perhaps the universe was telling me I needed to be there. It was at that point I surrendered, bought a house, and resumed my practice in Fresno.

This seemed like another occasion when I needed to listen to what the outer world was calling me to do. I took notice of what the others were telling me, specifically, that this was the right time for me to do this. In addition, it resonated with an inner calling to make new connections with others. Thus, I have begun to take on this position and am learning my way around with good support from Managing Editor, LeeAnn Pickrell, and former Interim Editor, Katherine Olivetti.


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