The C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt educational non-profit organization. Our Board of Governors, elected by the membership, is responsible for the Institute’s mission, programs, planning, and legal and financial welfare.

Our income derives from analyst-members’ dues, candidates’ tuition, fees for service from our extended education, clinic, library, Jung Journal, and ARAS programs as well as regulated income from our endowment and contributions from our donors.

Our finances are audited independently each year. Copies of our most recent audits and pertinent tax forms can be accessed below.

Audited Report 2019-2020

Audited Report 2018-2019

Audited Report 2017-2018

Audited Report 2016-2017

Audited Report 2015-2016

Audited Report 2014-2015

Audited Report 2013-2014


IRS Form 990 2019-2020

IRS Form 990 2018-2019

IRS Form 990 2017-2018

IRS Form 990 2016-2017

IRS Form 990 2015-2016

IRS Form 990 2014-2015

IRS Form 990 2013-2014