THE ARCHIVES were formally established in 2002 with the strong encouragement of one of the Institutes founding members, Kay Bradway, Ph.D., who contributed generously to their financial support. On that initial occasion in 2002, Dr. Bradway donated the 1961 telegram, sent to the San Francisco Institute, which announced Jung’s death. She remained a member of the Archives Committee until the spring of 2007, her 98th year, when she retired from active participation.

Kay and Brad Bradway

Today, the Archive continues Dr. Bradway’s vision to remember and preserve the history of the Institute and the people, places, and events that contributed to its development, growth, and future. To date, we have collection materials related to C.G. Jung, Horace Gray, Joe Henderson, Jane & Jo Wheelwright, Kay Bradway, Mary Louise Ainsworth, and William McGuire.

1961 telegram announcing Jung’s death
A portion of the archive in 2013

We are currently working to create finding aids for all of our collections and, in conjunction with the Institute Library, enable searching of archival materials through the KOHA catalog. A selection of our finding aids are now accessible though the Online Archive of California.