Propose a Program

The Extended Education Committee welcomes proposals by analysts and candidates to develop a lecture, conference, or educational series for the 2019-2020 academic year. We are interested in programs that teach basic ideas inclusive of the range of interests and modalities in analytical psychology. We are particularly seeking creative proposals that will support the Institute training program; programs that are geared toward clinicians who are curious about, and have developing interests in Jung and analytical psychology, and who might find their entryway to apply to our candidate program. Based on our recent survey, the subjects most requested include:

  • Introduction to Jung and his writings;
  • Jungian approaches to address the issues of our times in the consultation room, including: the #metoo movement, psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, climate change/ecopsychology, aging, stress/anxiety related to political/social issues;
  • Comparisons of Jungian depth psychology to other modalities;
  • Jungian approaches to support diversity and inclusion;
  • Jung’s original tools and concepts, such as dream work, typology, alchemy, synchronicity, active imagination, and complexes – updated and worked with in a modern culture;
  • Jung and ethics;
  • Dealing with the topic of suicide in the treatment room.