Dale Eastman
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Some of the most beautiful architectural elements of the Gough Street building were the chandeliers.

During the staging process that led up to putting the building on the market, it was decided that the chandeliers did not reflect the look of the building that realtors believed would bring the Institute the highest sales price. Not wanting to simply toss these lovely objects, we’ve decided to offer them to the membership and link that offering to a fundraiser for the Institute.

There are six chandeliers, all shown below, along with a suggested opening bid. Each chandelier differs in design, but all measure roughly 3′ H x 2′ W. The chandeliers are being offered “as is”; all were in working condition while hanging at the Gough Street building.

See one you like? Feel free to start the bidding!

The fundraiser will close on Fri., Sept., 30, 2022.

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